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Have had these on my 1500 for over a year now. While on a trip through Arizona last year I lost a ( or some ) front wheel weights. The bike shook badly at highway speeds. Put in the Dyna Beads as a "quick fix". Never did have the tire rebalanced as the Dyna Beads have taken care of it just fine. 10K miles later I think I well try them on the next set of tires I put on bike. -- Carl - Sherwood Park, CA

I continue to use these with all tire changes done. Great cost effective product from start to finish of tire life. -- Todd - Hamilton, OH

wow....is all I can say. What a cool product and it works! I do have an easy way to load a packet of beads through a valve. I used my tire pencil style gage and tapped it repeatedly between the valve stem and the spoke next to it. It helped the beads flow quickly in. Stuff works just as they say it does. -- Joe